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Our Tree Services

There are several tree services that we offer in order to meet your needs and those of your Nevada Roots.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

  • Elevate and Shape

This tree service raises the crown of the tree while trimming back to an aesthetically pleasing and symmetrical appearance.

  •  Height or Weight Reduction

By decreasing the tree size by approximately 1/3, the tree’s central leader and key branches receive proper light and air flow to ensure strong and healthy growth.

***PLEASE NOTE: We do not top trees. If you have questions regarding tree topping practices, please give us a call so that we can help clarify.

Tree Removal

​Trees may need to be removed for numerous reasons, whether approximation to structures or power lines, dead wood, or for the health of neighboring plants. Though it hurts our hearts to remove the glory of a tree, we recognize that it is part of a healthy circle of life. We take the stump below the surface of the ground to ensure that the surface remains healthy for future planting and healthy roots.

Stump Grinding

We take the stump removal 5-10 inches below the surface, which will allow for the plantation of other roots.

Shrubs, Bushes, & Hedges

Annual pruning will allow the plants to thrive in springtime by maximizing health and shape.  If a bush has become overgrown, a proper cutback and reshaping will restore the plant to optimal growing condition.

Seasonal Clean-Up

Seasonal Clean-Up

After a summer of growth, we can prepare your trees and plants for a strong and healthy season next year.  This also provides your yard with a clean appearance through the winter months and minimizes debris accumulation. **Please note that this service is only available if the schedule allows.  Tree services take precedent over yard clean-up projects.**

Additional Removal

Beyond trees, we can also remove other vegetation that necessitates it, possibly due to approximation to structures or power lines, dying plants, or for the health of neighboring plants.

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